Townsmen VR: Showcasing the future of medieval build-up strategy

Townsmen VR: Showcasing the future of medieval build-up strategy

New footage and live streams coming up! Visit us at the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth Online!

Giebelstadt, Germany, August 25th, 2020:
​Imagine a colorful world you can observe from above. Watching hard-working villagers, hunters catching rabbits, monks reading their scriptures and dangerous animals, such as bears, lurking around beehives. Toss some resources to your workers to build up your dream village faster and more efficiently. Pick up chickens, shake 'em, and let the people enjoy the freshly laid eggs!
​Until suddenly, looting bandits are attacking your laboriously built village with fire and swords! Luckily, you can intervene with your own two hands! Grab the bull by the horns, assemble your troops for battle and place rocks onto the catapults to scare off the invaders. Will you be able to protect your green island?

There has been a lot of progress in the interactive world of Townsmen VR! And we are ready to share new footage with you! We'll be showcasing our latest progress in upcoming live streams at the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth Online this weekend. So, tune in on Friday and Saturday (August 28th and 29th) to get a first glimpse of the progress we've made in Townsmen VR!

We have been extremely busy polishing, adding, upgrading, and redesigning core elements of our city-building strategy VR game. We've created 12 playable islands for you to build your dream town on. There are numerous story quests to be completed and castles to be conquered!

What would a colorful world be without animals?
​We have some fun new features we'd love to share with you! Birds can now steal your resources! So, watch out for mischievous crows plundering your precious gold bars, hungry seagulls grabbing the fresh fish and eagles hunting rabbits which could lead to scarcer resources for you.

Dangerous animals now also lurk for your hard-working citizens in certain areas. Ravening wolves don't like their territory invaded and bears guarding rare honey get angry when you're getting too close. If you want to harvest their precious honey, you'll have to defeat these carnivores first. But tread warily and never venture alone!

We're also working on professional voice recordings to get an even more fitting medieval atmosphere.
​And, if you haven't already noticed, we redesigned the artwork and logo to enhance the game value and attention it deserves.

Come visit us at the Indie Arena Booth Online during Gamescom, starting on August 27th! Ask us anything about the game, get exclusive insights into the latest assets we're working on in our upcoming live streams, give us direct feedback and tell us what you think about the new features we're going to showcase!

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Townsmen VR uses the exciting possibilities of virtual reality to further enhance the classic city building game with entirely new gameplay experiences and interactive mechanics.
Townsmen VR uses the exciting possibilities of virtual reality to further enhance the classic city building game with entirely new gameplay experiences and interactive mechanics.

About Townsmen VR

The game is currently in Early Access.
​Lean back, relax and watch the bustling life of your villagers or actively get involved to speed up processes and move workers and resources directly where they are needed. You are able to seamlessly change between the all-encompassing view of a god and the detailed view of a citizen, able to follow the colorful life of your village. There is a lot to discover! But watch out for the Black Knight’s plundering hordes!

Why Early Access?

Townsmen VR is still in an early stage of development, but already offers a great experience – Early Access gives us the opportunity to share our progress with the players and receive crucial feedback to help develop a game they want to play. This direct feedback is essential in judging which gameplay mechanics work and which don’t, but most of all, it allows us to shape the game according to the players’ expectations.


Townsmen VR is funded by FFF -  FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
Townsmen VR is funded by FFF -  FilmFernsehFonds Bayern


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