A Legendary Quest of Titanic Dimensions

A Legendary Quest of Titanic Dimensions

Titan Quest - Legendary Edition is available for pre-order on iOS and pre-register on Android as a premium title!

Giebelstadt, Germany, January 12th, 2021:
​From the banks of the River Styx, across the lands of Norse mythology, all the way to the lost city of Atlantis. The entire world of Titan Quest is literally at your fingertips in this all-encompassing version featuring the base game as well as every DLC ever made for the original PC version. Titan Quest - Legendary Edition is a premium mobile title without microtransactions or any hidden paywalls. You only pay once and get the entire package.

Titan Quest has captivated players since its 2006 debut. This is the complete edition of Titan Quest, including ALL DLCs and technical updates. You get the all-encompassing experience of an unbridled, truly heroic journey through the worlds of Titan Quest! Aid the Olympians in their battle against the titans. Fend off the legions of the underworld in Immortal Throne. Take on mythical beasts of Europe's far north in Ragnarök. ​ Uncover the secrets of the lost city in Atlantis. The Legendary Edition brings every bit of content Titan Quest fans have loved for almost one and a half decades to your mobile device in one neat package.

Titan Quest - Legendary Edition will release on iOS and Android on 2/2/21 and be priced at $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99
​For those who already own the Titan Quest Mobile base game, the DLC will be available separately, of course.

About Titan Quest:
Titan Quest is a top-down action-adventure RPG featuring lore, characters, and creatures from ancient mythology. Captivating questlines, exhilarating boss fights, and various difficulty levels will keep you entertained for a long time! Experience different fighting styles from martial arts with various kinds of melee weapons to archery or destructive magic spells. This, along with an intricate skill tree system and tons of different weapons and equipment, makes sure that no two playthroughs are the same.

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  • Legendary Edition: Includes the base game and all currently available DLC (Immortal Throne, Ragnarök, Atlantis)
  • Massive content: A vast amount of handcrafted quests aims to immerse players in the world of mythology and all its characters and lore
  • Optimized for mobile: Controls and performance have been adjusted to make this experience as mythically amazing on mobile devices as it is on PC and consoles
  • Full Control: Use your device's touchscreen or take advantage of the implemented controller support if you prefer
  • Choose your challenge: Select from three difficulty settings and decide if you'd like to breeze through the story or get a crushing challenge with every fight
  • Relentless Battle: Play the new Endless Mode that comes with the Atlantis DLC
  • Narrated Story: Talk to professionally voiced NPCs to accept new Quests and learn about the world you're in


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