One for all – "One Hand Clapping" is out on all platforms!

One for all – "One Hand Clapping" is out on all platforms!

Publisher HandyGames is proud to announce that the long-anticipated, innovative vocal 2D-platformer is released on all platforms at the same time – even mobiles!

Los Angeles, USA / Giebelstadt, Germany, 14th December 2021
One Hand Clapping is an innovative vocal game that teaches you how to control your voice while saving a fantastical universe from eternal silence. A unique game that helps you to feel more comfortable and confident while singing. The game is definitely not roguelike and takes you by the hand so you can develop a stronger connection with your voice. Now, plug in your microphone or grab your mobile device and begin singing your song! ​ ​

One Hand Clapping is out now on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store!

Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch:
SRP of $ 14.99 | € 14.99 | £ 12.49.
​Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store:
SRP of $ 9.99 | € 9.99 | £ 8.49.

International indie-publisher HandyGames is glad to release a game as innovative as it is unique to all the relevant gaming platforms. A bold move, seldomly done before due to the immense amount of coordination needed.

This beautiful game is already loved by critics & influencers all over the world and was awarded many prestigious prizes, e.g. the Indiecade Audience Choice Award, Intentional Play Summit Best Student Game, USC Game City Bazillion Dollar Idea and lately a prestigious German pedagogical media award, as well as the Creative Gaming Award for "Most Creative Game".

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Hook up a mic or get your phone and you're good to go!
​One Hand Clapping
, being uplifting and accessible for everyone, sets out to make you believe in your own musical skills.
​Interact with a colourful world and solve puzzles with melody, rhythm, and harmony. How you do it is completely up to you: no matter if you prefer singing, whistling, jamming, or even using a crazy instrumentOne Hand Clapping will be your unique musical journey where ever you go!

About Bad Dream Games

Bad Dream Games was formed in 2018, after the viral success of the One Hand Clapping demo, a student-made project from the University of Southern California. Bad Dream Games are creating new ways to play. The US studio makes games that fuel creativity and engage players beyond just the limits of their controller, and it all starts right now with One Hand Clapping. 

Download our official One Hand Clapping Press Kit here!


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